Over the years since the bands inception we have had relatively few lineup changes. Below are those who have past through our ranks.

Past members:

Marianne Cambell

Rory Campbell

Angus McLaughlin

Gavin Pennycook

Paul Fitzpatrick – bodhran when we were 2nd in the greentrax comp!!

Here's a list of musicians who have deputised for Deaf Shepherd members who have been unable to make gigs/tours for work reasons. (in no particular order)

Aidan O'Rourke
Jim Malcolm
Mark Duff
Aly Hutton
Cammy Robson
Bethany Reid
Julia Legge
Michael St. John (Spike)
Steve Byrne
Chris Wright
Ross Martin
Brian O’hEadra – bodhran at Mallaig! And on Synergy!
Anthony Carson – bodhran at Stonehaven
Martin O’Neil – bodhran

Deaf Shepherd first gig

The bands first gig!