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Picture by John Haxby

Clare McLaughlin


Clare's musical background lies in the dynamic cultural melting-pot of Glasgow, where she absorbed the tradition and learned the fiddle among the city's Irish community. Her widening experience of playing in sessions and at festivals coincided with the rising new wave of Scottish music in the run-up to devolution, and the inspiration she drew from this led to her joining Deaf Shepherd in 1994, a move she describes as the musical turning-point in her life. Clare's playing is renowned for both its joyously spirited attack and its expressive grace, vividly communicating her huge passion for the music.

Her duo with the band's fellow fiddler Marianne Campbell has already won considerable acclaim at home and abroad. She has also performed with one of Ireland's top young fiddlers, Liz Doherty (the Bumblebees, ex-Nomos), and is well respected for her solo performances